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It, founded in 2002, has been focusing on export business.

In 2015, It began to expand into China, with an average annual growth rate of 100+ stores.

In the first half of 2020, under the attack of COVID-19, It still increased by 40% against the trend, with more than 100 new stores added.

Up to now, It has built nearly 1,000 brand stores in China and more than 100 self-run stores overseas.

It is called "Eliza White tile", one of the modern brick brands in China.

In just five short years, what has It gone from mediocre to modern bricks? What did you do right?

Recently, ELIZABETH founder and chairman Liu Shenghong accepted the face interview of China ceramics net, reviewed the history of rapid rise of ELIZABETH in the past five years.

Open more than 100 stores every year to do business for young people
Before 2015, Chinese people paid attention to complex luxury, while foreign countries were popular for modern simplicity.With the rise of mobile Internet, young consumers' aesthetic cognition has been greatly improved. After 2015, Chinese home decoration design began to conform to the international trend, and the modern simplicity trend began to rise in China.


Has been deeply plowing the foreign market, with the white brick famous ELIZABETH prophetic, keenly sensed the domestic business opportunities. In 2015, The chairman LIU decided to expand to the domestic market of China, focusing on modern wind tiles, positioning the middle and high-end, and conquering the young consumer group market with differentiated products with individual characteristics.



As ELIZABETH is exported to foreign market, its products are basically synchronized with foreign market, so it seems to be a natural process to shift to the domestic market.


But The chairman LIU for prudent consideration, he did not begin to hype and investment, from the headquarters exhibition hall to rebuild began to test the water, the style of decoration and the original style is completely different, the overall tone is modern and simple, on the sample of white brick and relief porcelain brick wall.




After the decoration of the exhibition hall, to consult to join the customers are particularly many, although The chairman LIU is very confident of their products, but the domestic hot sales performance is still beyond his expectations. This made  The chairman Liu  more firmly on the domestic market confidence, but also let Eliza white tile from now on to the expansion of the store with an annual increase of 100+ stores road.



Start with the toilet solution and realize the realization of innovation from 1 to N


In the eyes of the public, ELIZABETH tiling was lucky, as she was right on the cutting edge of the trend. But in fact, TA in the wind before the arrival of the overseas drift, is not so smooth, also experienced a period of adjustment, it is because of 13 years of overseas experience, just practice ELIZABETH today's international vision, as well as market acumen.一直以来,佛山陶瓷闻名全球,品牌数量多,品类也多,如何让伊莉莎白瓷砖更深入消费者心里,更显差异化呢?

Foshan ceramics has always been famous in the world, with a large number of brands and a large number of categories. How to make ELIZABETH more deeply into the hearts of consumers and more differentiated?


The chairman LIU decided to start from the product of the toilet, and we have introduced 300mm×800mm embossed porcelain wall tiles which are not available in China. white brick and brick of relief porcelain wall are tie-in, let whole space appear to have stereo feeling and contemporary feeling more, those who broke traditional toilet is drab and drab, and the aesthetic standard that accords with youth more.


The fact proves, cut in from toilet product promotion strategy is successful. In July 2016, ELIZABETH 300mm×800mm new release, attracted more than 700 customers to order. Not only 300mm×800mm products sell well, but also drives the sales of other large-size floor tiles.



White brick and 300mm×800mm relief porcelain wall brick can be mixed and built at will. Besides the toilet, they are also applicable to the living room, dining room and kitchen. begins to push from the space collocation plan of a toilet first, after waiting for consumer to like this kind of style, to maintain with wholesome decorate a style consistent, so the sitting room that can extend, dining-room, kitchen space. It realized the realization of innovation from 1 scheme to N schemes.


Use the words of The chairman LIU, ilisha white ceramic tile attracted the join of numerous dealer, because solved the problem of the thought of current agent essentially. In today's difficult business, agents can only make money by catering to consumers' needs, selling the products they really want and improving consumers' satisfaction.





Price is not as good as service, improving customer satisfaction is the rule of long-term survival


In 2017, the modern and simple style in the industry has been pushed to a climax. In the face of great competition, The chairman LIU still stands firm price. In his opinion, a brand cannot make any brand effect by reducing the price. He emphasized that the principle of long-term survival of a brand is to do a good job in terminal service and improve customer satisfaction.




How to improve customer satisfaction?


Products should be novel


Eli white ceramic tile in the product innovation has been constantly trying.


Take a new series of products as an example. After r & D and design by professionals, small batch production is carried out, and then small batch trial marketing is done. If the customer feedback is good, then large batch production can be done.


In The chairman LIU's view, do product innovation cannot rut, but must not because the premise of innovation and innovation, must take into account the application problems, both beautiful and practical, to see the feedback from the market, but also allow innovation trial and error, as long as can solve the problem of the innovation ability perserve, reach a certain height.





Be reasonable in price


Whether the price of the product is reasonable depends on the value given by the product itself. It includes innovation, presentation, design and service.


Elizabeth ceramic tile store display should keep up with the trend, with one adjustment in half a year and one adjustment in one year, and ensure that each design space has strong practicability and should be used according to how it is displayed.


For consumers to create a comfortable buying space, provide a variety of different decoration needs, which is a very pleasant purchase experience for consumers. And these pleasant experiences, low prices are not possible.


Therefore, a reasonable price is not to sell cheap today and sell expensive tomorrow, nor is it to take the quality of "LV" and sell the price of a street stall. But to maintain a certain profit margin, so that the brand service can be benign and sustainable.





Be considerate in service


In ELIZABETH store, no matter in the combination of products or soft decoration, to create a comfortable shopping environment. And provide free design scheme, free quantity of rooms, shop stickers guidance, regular home maintenance and other professional services, to meet the different consumer needs.


Whether in product, marketing or service, The focus of ELIZABETH is on the consumer, constantly capturing, digging, and meeting their needs. The chairman LIU thinks it's considerate when the customer is satisfied with your service.




The quality is better


Regarding the product quality, ELIZABETH has always insisted on making all-ceramic products, and has its own set of rigorous quality control procedures. All-porcelain product water absorption rate is very low (water absorption rate ≤0.5%), in order to maintain the product ten years, lasting new, Eliza white ceramic tile wear-resisting degree can reach 4. The chairman LIU thinks that the quality is not good, and no matter how good the design and color are, no matter how good the price is, there will be no customers to buy again. Therefore, the quality inspection of Elizabeth can really be compared as "finding fault in the egg".





Hundreds of billions of markets, large cities and small towns covered


At present, ELIZABETH in the domestic has built nearly 1000 stores. It is mainly concentrated in the first and second-tier core cities, and there are also many third-tier and fourth-tier cities. In order to better expand the network, the stores of Eliza white ceramic tile have sunk to the county seat since this year.With the core city as the base point, constantly radiation surrounding areas, open and build county store.


The chairman LIU thinks the consumption power of Chinese county is not worse than that of big cities, so small county also needs a good ceramic tile brand, small county has a lot to do.


Yantai, with eight stores selling tens of millions of products a year, ranks first in the local market.ple, Yantai, with tens of millions of sales a year, ranks first in the local market.




Linyi, for example, has opened six stores in two years.


Another example is Xi 'an: The 1,200-square-meter Daming Palace flagship store on the north third Ring Road recently opened.


These terminals do well, have a good distribution network, can cover the counties.








Combined with the characteristics of the consumption behavior of the young consumer groups,the reasons for the rapid expansion of Elizabeth tiles and the underlying logic. The following points can be summarized:

One, cost performance is king, but must not LOW

Two, the product to do addition, explosive combination of multiple file selection

Three. Connect with international trends and create a "high pretend bility sense"

Four. Build the sensory experience environment and establish the web celebrity store economy

Five, the fancy marketing, provides the high-quality intimate service